jackdbus Settings

Where is jackdbus supposed to read jackd settings from?

Doesn’t it have like a config file?

So, nobody has any clue about this?

Well, as you didn’t specify which system / linux distribution you’re running I can only relate to the openSUSE Leap 42.1 I’m using:

jackdbus logs to $HOME/.log/jack/jackdbus.log and in this log I find on my system:
Loading settings from “$HOME/.config/jack/conf.xml”

Therefore on my system the settings are saved in $HOME/.config/jack/conf.xml

As jackdbus is controlled via D-Bus, manual changes to this config file are not recommended and may be overridden by qjackctl or any other program controlling jackdbus via D-Bus.

What do you want to achieve / control?

Well, jackd basically doesn’t work on boot; I have to kill jackdbus and start jack either manually or using qjackctl after I’ve killed it.

$HOME/.config/jack/conf.xml is not to be changed, but how can I set default values for jackd?

nobody has any idea on this?

it must read its settings from somewhere?

You may set the default values in qjackctl under the Preset Name. Also, in your home directory, you may create a file called .jackdrc. This file would work as a master (default) setting for a given user. Mine looks like this:
/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -r48000 -p128 -n3 -D -Chw:M1010LT -Phw:M1010LT

It may also be placed in /etc/jackdrc for system globals.

/etc/jackdrc - global defaults
$HOME/.jackdrc - per-user override