Jackd 0.116.1 does not start: undefined symbol clock_source

I made an upgrade of a Suse11-System with packman enabeled and jackd was upgraded to 0.116.1. No jackd refuses to start with undefined symbol: clock_source.

My next move was to install the official release from source. Yet to noavail: the problem stays the same.

What could this be?

My guess is that the jackd you’re trying to start isn’t the one you’re just installed, but some older version.

But, as this is the ardour forum, you’d better try asking this question some place else; like the SUSE- or the jack forum.

Hello zettberlin,

I had the same problem - and no one would tell me either.

I uninstalled jack and it was automatically replaced with the package called jack2. This fixes the problem. Hope that works!

hallo z,
in my experience all this ‘undefined symbol: …’ errors are showing that the old jakcd is not removed properly. what i mean, there are still some files from the old installation left , which should not be there any more. what always helps here is to remove files installed by jackd, libjack and libjack-dev (or what ever they are called) manually.


Thanks a lot for these hints :slight_smile:

removing libjack* in /usr/lib solved the problem.

Did not know, that installing jackd from svn does not overwrite/replace everything needed…