JACK, X32 & 2 Firewire Mackie Onyxs

I compiled a kernel that has Firewire support under ALSA. When I start JACK, I have the option of selecting between my X32 and Onyx Firewire as the device. Can I get both together, and how would that happen?


tl;dr: start JACK using one device. then add the other one using alsa_in, alsa_out or using the zita-ajbridge.

Thanks! I read the linked page, which was very helpful. I figured out how to use alsa_in and found the device numbers for my two Onyx mixers. However, when I use alsa_in, there is a heavy DSP load and many thousands of xruns. Perhaps that is the software calculating timing? After that finishes, attempting to start Ardour completely freezes my computer. If Ardour is already running, my computer hard locks when I switch to Ardour.

EDIT: Using asoundrc might be the way I need to go, but it doesn’t seem to be picked up automatically. Is alsa-plugins-jack needed?

zita-ajbridge uses less cpu. Also if you can externally sync the audio devices to each other zita-ajbridge allows by-passing the SRC stage for even less cpu.

I totally spaced on ZITA-ajbridge. I used Cadence’s built-in bridge, which isn’t the same thing. Now all I need to do is enter the correct number of capture ports. This works perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

In general, if I want more than the default of 2, I spec 100 ports and zita-ajbridge will only allow the actual number of ports.

Good tip, thank you.

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