Jack X-Runs and how I solved it

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It is hard to share ideas if there is a filter stopping me with no obvious reason.

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I will keep my story for a while and try to find a way to understand the filter…
If someone is struggling with x-runs and need som input. PM me (if PM works) It was a good story btw :wink:

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I would like to hear the story. Could you try again posting it? The spam filter should ask you for a captcha before blocking the message…

The spam filter does not give me the option but blocks it and says it will not let me submit. Anyway I will try yet again.

I managed to realize that part of my problem was the fact I was using virtualbox on my laptop. Most hypervisors will probably hog the high performance timer /dev/hpet and make jackd less realtime capable.

In my case I simply had to unload the kernel modules to have hpet back and than give myself proper permissions. I also had to use jackd -c h

After that I suddenly can use my computer for a long time without have any xruns.


Next thing I will try is to get my Presonus FP10s work with the new firewire stack and my TI based 800mbit Expresscard. That used to work but seems a lot more difficult with current level of software than back in the old days.

I hope this can help someone else to troubleshoot their problems.


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Hello again.
What I just wrote was a rewrite of my original post in a slighly shorten form. What do you want me to send?
Basicly what was my problem was the fact that I was having a hypervisor installed. In my case virtualbox but I would probably have the same issue if i had some vmware or kvm installed as well.

Before I unloaded the modules I could not run jackd withot xruns on my core I7 with 8gig ram and 8 cores and Ssd harddrive.


I was just going to post the full thing for you if I could, if you are happy with what you have already posted I won’t worry about it:)


I am ok with what I manage to submit so far. I think I have learned a little how to pass the filter so I will try to submit answers whenever I can.