Jack works for Ardour OR MIDI k'bd in but not both!

If I launch Jack (with it in stopped mode) then launch Zynaddsubfx then connect MIDI in to Zynaddsubfx I can play Zynaddsbfx sounds from my MIDI keyboard fine.

If I then start Ardour (to record) it fails because it can’t start Jack.

If, on the other hand …

I launch Jack (with it in stopped mode) then launch Ardour the two work fine. Then if I launch Zynaddsubfx I can’t connect midi in to Zynaddsubfx … it just won’t allow the connection.

I imagine the problem is with Jack but, How do I get round this? I can’t run the synth module at the same time as Ardour and, therefore can’t record it.

Hi, when you launch Jack you have to start it up (jack daemon running), then fire up ZynAddSubFX, it should appear in your connections in qjackctl (assuming you are using qjackctl to control jack daemon), then fire up ardour and click in where it says “internal” and select “Jack”, create your track (preferably stereo for sequences), and connect the inputs to ZynAddSubFX (when you do that you will see in qjackctl connections how it’s routing) then you should be able to record.

Thank you but, I think I didn’t explain clearly … The basic problem seems to be that with the Jack daemon running I cannot connect the MIDI keyboard to ZynaddsubFX (within the ‘Jack Control’ Connections panel) and, therefore cannot PLAY the sounds.

If I launch ‘Jack Control’ but don’t ‘start’ it I CAN connect the MIDI keyboard to ZynaddsubFX. So, in that mode I can play the ZynaddsubFX sounds. I realize I cannot use Ardour without Jack running so, perhaps you see my problem?

Sorry if I’m not using the correct names for things but this is another case of, I want to record music … not become a computer expert.

Sorry! … I’ve played around with the settings on Jack and everything is fine now!

In Settings, ‘MIDI Driver’ was set to ‘RAW’ - I changed it to ‘SEQ’ and now everything works! I have no idea why.

Thanks for helping.

Ok, good you figured out what was going on. This helps other users with similar problems.

I, myself didn’t know that it would have to be changed to “SEQ” in midi driver, so there you go, we all learn new things every day.

Good Luck!