jack transport problems

Here is my desired setup:
Track one <- zynaddsubfx <- muse sequencer
Track two <- renoise

I was successfully able to achieve this:
renoise <- zynaddsubfx <- muse
so i know that the problem resides within ardour.

i have routed the audio inputs within ardour for track one and track two to receive audio from zyn and renoise, respectively. this plays from the programs and not in the tracks OR doesnt play unless i hit the stop button, when it plays a very short amount of audio in the appropriate tracks. all programs are set up with jack transport and have been appropriately routed using jack control.

what am i missing here?

@aquowof: i suspect you just haven’t set up the possible monitoring options. Please check in the manual, then ask more questions if you have them or if this seems completely irrelevant. i’m not sure why you think this is related to JACK transport.