JACK Transport. Ardour crazy on RW, FF

Setup: Ardour with external timecode on. It is not a time master. Carla with transport gui.
When I Play, Pause, Seek, in Ardour - all other apps in sync with JACK Transport - work good.
When I Play, Pause, Seek, in other JACK clients - Ardour works good.
But, If in other program I push rewind/fast-forward (in Carla for ex.) - this makes Ardour behave crazy, whole playback degrades, and If I switch back to internal timecondes - it plays unstoppable so I need to restart it. Reminds feedback loop, but, again: Ardour is not a master… Other programs(Musescore for instance) - work correct.

Ubuntu 20.04
Ardour 6.5.62

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