Jack ports

Hi this is the first time I am using Ardour.
I am working already on 17 tracks, and now that i want to add a new one I get this message:

[ERROR]: No more JACK ports are available. You will need to stop Ardour and restart JACK with ports if you need this many tracks.

What does it mean “restart JACK with ports”?

What platform are you using Ardour on? How do you start JACK?

I am using Tiger 10.4.9. I open Jack and “plug it in”

You are a little out of luck. JackPilot (the control GUI that comes with JackOSX) doesn’t provide a way to control the number of ports that JACK starts with. Visit this page and get QJackctl, and alternative control GUI for JACK. In its setup dialog, you can specify how many ports you want. Ports are cheap - 512 is a good number.

Hi I am having the same problem with the latest version of Mixbus (Mac OSX 10.6.4) “restart JACK with ports”. QJackctl I can only find as linux. What do I have to do here? Thanks Billy Pace

Should be able to download it for OS X from there IIRC.