jack output audio garbage after exporing an audio session


when exporting an audio session jack outputs audio garbage, when restarted all is ok.

Ardour/GTK 2.0beta11.1 on an amd64bit machine with 64studio

jack 0.102.20 and freebob backend (1.0.0)

Let me elaborate more, the session is written to disk correctly, in fact if I restart the jack server I can hear audio correctly.

Audio is only mangled after exporting the session and not restarting jack



This is a bug in libfreebob 1.0.0. Freewheeling was not tested when this version was released.

In our maintanance SVN branch for 1.0.x this problem is fixed. Once we have enough confirmation regarding whether the issue is resolved with this fix, we’ll release a 1.0.2 maintenance release for the binary packagers.

You have two options:

  1. wait until the 1.0.2 version comes available as package for your distro
  2. checkout and compile the 1.0.x maintenance branch and compile it yourself.

If option 2 is something you can do, I’d really appreciate it if you could give some feedback on whether it fixes the problem or not.


Pieter Palmers
FreeBoB developer

Pieter, thanks. I’ll checkout the stable svn release and post my experience on the freebob’s mailing lists :slight_smile:

for the record of ardour forums, the latest 1.0.2 svn works like a charm.
ardour now exports cleanly and as a bonus stopping and restarting jack now it always successfull.

thanks pieter, a lot – you made my day :slight_smile: