Jack OS X not working with Yosemite

I know this is primarily Ardour forum, but I don’t know where I can ask questions about Jack OS X? I downloaded the latest version from http://jackaudio.org/downloads/ but I’m having trouble getting it to work on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Is this a known issue? Or where can I find out what known issues exist?

The problem is that while JackPilot runs and JackServer appears to start OK, JackRouter doesn’t appear in System Preferences > Sound > Output as an audio interface.

Sometimes it eventually appears after restarting JackServer and/or creating routings in Connections Manager - but then it doesn’t take effect when selected. Audio is still routed to whatever audio interface was selected previously.

Thanks for any pointers.

Issues with Jack on OSX need to be reported to the JACK mailing list. There’s no reason to expect the maintainers/developers of Jack for OS X read these forums.

Use “Mixed 64/32 bit, 0.90 of JackOSX for Snow Leopard” link here :


@Madmark - yes that is the version I’m already using.

@paul - thanks.

I navigated from http://jackaudio.org > WIKI > User Resources > MailingLists, it says “Jack has several mailinglists useful for developers. Find them at http://lists.jackaudio.org”. But that page says “The list overview page has been disabled temporarily. There currently are no publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on lists.jackaudio.org”.

It’s a shame there isn’t an easier way to find out the versions of OS X which Jack OS X supports or has been tested with…

maybe you’ll find your answer here:

OK thanks @dhjoe.