JACK or Zyn problem

Zyn is a fantastic piece of software, I love it’s sounds and want to use them but after a while the synth starts and I play with some sounds when I try to switch from one sound to another jack reports an xrun, after that the sound loads but has distorted cracks in it and I cant use the sound. On the other hand I have minimum problems with ardour. I have an x-station usb interface, realtime priority is 70 and buffer lenght 256. What could be the cause?

Look at my post “A question about XRUNs (Buffer underrun)” - unfortunately no answers so far, but maybe our problems are related to each other.

Have you tried to use bigger buffer length, 512 for example? It helps for my issue - read my post to see what I’ve discovered. Maybe you’ll find some clues too.

Same thing for me when I use jackd. It’s fine when I use jackdmp (jack for MP) however.

With jackd, it does it at whatever latency is set.

For the record, I have an Edirol FA-66 driven by freebob.

For me it works fine when I add the bigger than default timeout parameter to jack startup: -t2000. Then I can use 128 buffer length, and jack and its clients work stable.