Jack missing?

Hi! I used Ardour 2 and Ardour 3 beta a year ago and now I dusted off my music production gear to see what have happened with Ardour since I’ve been away. Payed and downloaded version 3.10 source and managed to build it, but when I started Ardour it said that Jack was “zombified” and I needed to restart it. Thinkig that Jack needed to be upgraded I sudo apt-get install jackd2 (i think) and now I can’t even ./waf configure ardour because it says that Jack is missing??? I am stuck and appreciate any help this Linux noob could get…

don’t know if it will work, but was it compiled against jack1 before? Maybe if you build it agains jack2 it will work?

You need to install the -dev packages in order to build the software.

A3 has a few more requirements than A2 did for the record in order to build.

And it makes no difference for running it yourself which version of Jack it is built against(1 or 2). It does however make a difference if you are going to distribute it.


Got it working now. Thanks! The relevant command was sudo apt-get install libjack-dev

I do have some problems with a few crashes but I’ll see once I have more time to play around with this impressive software…