Jack Master Volume?


Sorry for posting non-ardour question but I need your guidance. When Jack takes control over audio, many apps, including flashplayer, act very loud i.e in VLC I have volume set to 5%. I would like to control the master volume like in alsamixer instead of setting levels for each app individually. How can I do that?

@karm: there is no such concept. JACK is designed for pro-audio and music creation workflows. Its not a desktop sound server, even though some of use it in that way. If you need such a thing, you will need to route all your JACK clients via a mixing client which could be something as simply as JackMix or as complex as Ardour. JACK itself does not provide this facility, and its totally out of the scope of its design.

Use Alsamixer ( or EchoMixer or hdspmix or echomixer or whatever for your soundcard ).

Depending on your soundcard setup, you can use the volume control applet in your task bar.

The best solution is to use a pro soundcard that has an analog output level knob, or just adjust the volume on your speaker system. Most standalone computer speakers have a volume knob, or if you are running the sound through a home receiver or preamp then you should use that volume knobā€¦