Jack latency

I’ve seen that we can change jack latency in ardour. Is this an action on jack itself, or does it just add some buffers in ardour ?

My sound card actually can’t have more than 512 periods, and I’ve seen that in ardour I can go up to 8192, as I’m trying to record the max of tracks, could it be a solution ? I don’t know because in 2.8.14 ( and 3, but here is not the place ), it is almost impossible for me to get something workable.

@agivagan: it modifies the actual JACK buffer (“period”) size. Large perod sizes are always good for “tracking” (i.e. just recording). Typical configurations are Nx4096 or Nx8192 where N is typically 2, 3 or 4 (N is the “periods per buffer” or “number of periods” parameter for JACK). It greatly increases latency to use such settings but if you are only tracking and not monitoring via Ardour, then this is precisely what you want.

Ok thanks,
Actually, I would know if it deals directly with Jack, or if it’s an internal tweaking in Ardour.

It calls a JACK function to ask the server to change the buffer size.

Thanks very much. I’ve noticed too that Jack could increase the original buffer of my soundcard ( max was at 512 and I’put at 1024 to have confortable recording ).