Jack disconnect Ardour very often

Hi there,

recently I update (on Debian5.02 32bit with Jack 0.118 using a M-Audio 2496) to the latest Ardour 2 downloaded here on the site. Since, many times Jack disconnect. Sometimes impossible to do nothing, except close the Xsession and restart.

Did somebody have the same problem with 2.8.11 ?

This behaviour is not a function of Ardour, but of your system. Are you saying that a previous version of Ardour did not do this?

Yes Paul,

could it be possible that some dependencies build at the beginning of this year (when Lenny goes out) make this happen ? Means, is it possible that some of these deps are correct for build Ardour, but not ok when run ?

I don’t change anything else on the pc, and have rm the old Ardour dir… Is it a solution to downgrade, at least for test ?