JACK/delay 256 has no effect.

After having found a way to connect System sound to Ardour and having ardour output to Built-in Output (with the help of Soundflower 16). I found what must be a bug:

-Ardour/JACK/delay 256 has no effect. All the others delay settings works and gives different delay, selecting 256 changes nothing…

The support site says I should use Mantis to report bugs, but the link to Mantis does not work.
/ardour 2.8.7 OS X compiled from rev. 6630 (Ardour, Soundsettings/Unit was set to using Soundflower (16ch) on start up).

@rogerjoensson: i've fixed the link on that page (thanks for the alert). Please read http://ardour.org/how_to_report_a_bug for guidelines on what is needed in a bug report (a lot more than you provided). I must also (sadly) comment that because you are using soundflower as the "device" that JACK is using, its going to be extremely unlikely that this bug, if real, will receive much attention. Its not a configuration that any Ardour developer has available, or would use. Its also extremely likely to be a problem in Soundflower - what you are doing is asking JACK to tell the device its using to different latency settings. I would be suprised if Soundflower can respond to these identically to a "real" device.

Although I appreciate that you wanted the "simpler wiring" option, using Soundflower and JACK together like this is just bound to be an unsatisfactory experience on some level. If the problem occurs with Soundflower, then we could consider looking at it in more depth.

-Have you even checked if Ardour is doing it right. If selecting Delay 256 is in fact changing anything?
If I start Ardour up without Soundflower and what ever buffersize i choose, -Delay 256, in Ardours’ JACK menu, has no effect at all. All the others do! If I choose 256 it continues to run with whatever delay was selected before.
I did a simple ugly feedback to test it. System:capture as input and System:output as output, then a wire for feedback between sound input and output… The feedback frequency changes with every delay setting except 256!!!

I have been trying to make an insert point a system sound with JACK for years, but never found a working method. I have often heard that it can be done, but no-one has ever shown a working solution, so for now I am stuck with a “bad method” that fortunately seems to work.
I would be very pleased to find a better method, but my understanding of Jack and Soundflower are limited and I can not find anything helpful in the documentation I have found. Trial and error it is.

@rogerjoensoon: nice catch Roger! thanks for making me go and check the code :slight_smile:

this will be fixed in 2.8.8, out Reasl Soon Now. it was a simple bug, thank you for finding it.