JACK Audio and Ardour2

I’ve been using JACK and Ardour2 for a while and after updating JACK, I cannot seem to get any sound transmitted from JACK to Ardour.

I am using Ubuntu Studio 9.04 and JACK Client 0.3.4

I have noticed a “connections” tab on the JACK GUI but cannot seem to configure it properly to get Ardour to record.

If someone has knowlege and proper configuration please let me know, thank you in advance

by jack client, you mean qjackctl, yeah ? just to be sure.

Are you sure that jack is running at all ? what’s the jack status in the main GUI window ?
If jack is not running as you would expect, then ardour will try to trigger jack by itself. But it looks like your upgrade to 9.04 screwed up something that prevents jack from running properly. That’s my guess, could be something else.

Figured out the issue, on the volume control the mic was set to mute for my interface.

Had to right click volume-preferences--mic-uncheck mute box and increase volume.

Thanks for your response