JACK & ARDOUR Config issues

Hey Guys,

I have downloaded UBUNTU studio 9.10 and am having some initial config problems.
I have a USB - MIDI cable, the IN part of the midi cable is plugged into the OUT of my Yamaha dtx drum kit, i also have a second midi out connector, but its not plugged in as i dont require it. I then have a USB connector on the other end plugged into the pc.
JACK detects the USB cable however, i cant seem to get any sound into ARDOUR.

I have 3 tabs in the patch bay ALSA / MIDI / AUDIO.
In ALSA it detects -
14 : 0: MIDI THROUGH- Port 0
And then 129 : Ardour
0 : control
1 : mcu
2 : seq.

In the midi tab i have nothing.
In the Audio Tab i have :
Ardour & System.

Can someone please help ?

MIDI is not Audio. It is merely control signals, and something that Ardour does not support in any released version. A3 will have support for it, but A3 is still in heavy development and not released at this time.

MIDI would tell a sampler or synth what notes to play to get the audio, but it in itself is not audio.


Dear Seablade,

So how do i go about setting up my kit, or find a compatable synth tool that interfaces through JACK to Ardour ?

try hydrogen (http://www.hydrogen-music.org/). You can download it via synaptic.
Hydrogen has Midi-Ins (you find them in the alsa tab) and audio-outs. You have the choice between several drum-kits.
Connect the Midi-Cable to Hydrogen-In (in alsa tab) and Hydrogen-Outs to Ardour (in the audio tab).