JACK/Ardour and GPU processing

I know that in the last few years, there’s been talk pertaining to using the processors on GPUs for processing tasks normally done by CPUs.

Are there any plans for Ardour/JACK to use video card processors for certain tasks(for example, DSP processing, FFT transforms, audio algorithms etc)?


To be more concrete, maybe something like Tesla & CUDA from NVIDIA(or whatever works best). There’s probably many other similar projects.

Here are some apps that use CUDA:

Now, with all this open sourcing from AMD I was also wondering, if it would be possible to harness all this processing power for DSP in a professional DAW offloading the CPU. It would be nice though to realize a framework that wouldn’t be vendor specific.
Does anyone know of project looking into this or something similar?
Unfortunately I don’t know alot about this, but it does seem intriguing.