Jack and Alsa

When I select the alsa driver in jack it seems to force the bit depth to 16. The box grays itself out. Ideally I would like to change it to 24? Anyone got any ideas?

Well first things first, you are likely meaning QJackCTL, or one of the other pieces of software to control Jack including Ardour itself, not Jack.

Second what audio interface are you using? Are you certain the interface supports above 16 bit?


Could be that my sound card only supports 16bit, it’s not great just the one that comes with the DP45SG mother board, I’ve been trying to find the spec somewhere in intels documentation, but found nothing, next I’ve been looking in the /proc/asound/card0/codec#2 file, it does list 24 bit so I would guess it’s supported? Also if I select other drivers in QJackCTL, then I can change the bit depth.

I am using QJackCTL to control Jack as you say,