JACK 2 MIDI Interface Names

Juat wanted to know if anyone else who is using JACK2 is having problems with the names of MIDI devices in the MIDI tab, under the ALSA tab all devices are named properly but in the MIDI tab all I get is a list like:


and so on…

it makes it hard to track where I’m connecting things, did I miss a compile flag or am I missing something?


Forgot to say I’m using qjackctl 0.3.7 from SVN

This is likely intentional is my guess. The reasoning is similar to the reasoning behind a shift in the Jack Audio port names for playback and capture. Mainly it is because if you switch to a different computer, you don’t necessarily want all your routing to go out the window, so by keeping names generic it ensures all clients that try to connect to your MIDI ports, succeed and your routing isn’t completely lost. Downside of course is what you discovered, however going off memory I believe QJackCTL has an ability to add more readable labels to ports in its interface so you can know exactly where you are connecting things. I don’t have it on this computer currently to confirm, but I am fairly certain I remember doing this in the past, at least on the audio side of things.


qjackctl can be set to use either of the two possible port alias names to display instead of the “canonical” one. try changing that setting to see if jack2 bothers to give the ports more descriptive aliases. a2jmidid does this.

Thx for you replies. What seablade says does make sort of sense, I would for sure hate to see my connections getting lost on another pc.

@ paul: Yes I discovered that function in qjackctl earlier, thought it would be the solution for the problem (or at least mostly). I’ll have to get in touch with Rui Nuno because when I change a MIDI port alias in qjackctl, and power off the MIDI device and power it back again the alias is lost.

Thx again guys.