JACK 0.120.1 Issues

I found out that when trying to sync seq24 with Ardour via JACK 0.120.1 Ardour would take a few seconds to start rolling, once rolling it would start but seq24 would stay at position zero without sending any MIDI events. I even recompiled seq24 against this newer version of JACK since I was using JACK2 before having the same issue, just went back to JACK2 and all is fine, I know seq24 is not the most solid sequencer out there but still this shows something weird is going on. Tried this on both Ardour2 and Mixbus with same issues.

Would I have to recompile Ardour2 also, but then if this also happened in Mixbus, what to do? I guess Mixbus is compiled against JACK1?


PS: What’s up with the invalid (unauthenticated) SSL certificate for posting new topics? Is this normal? I guess we are getting a bit sick of SPAM heh…, my blog is getting huge amounts of it also.

EDIT: (I even got a spam filter on this post without placing any links) :S


Now that I remember I did recompile Ardour2 against JACK 0.120.1 as soon as I installed this version of JACK…

  1. it doesn’t make any difference what version ardour mixbus is compiled against - all the JACK stuff that is used is determined by the version you have installed.

  2. the SSL certificate issue is caused by your browser. Ardour.org’s SSL certificate was renewed within the last couple of days. Your browser is complaining about that - I don’t know why.

Oh, ok, thx Paul, I remember reading somewhere that certain JACK applications if compiled with JACK2 would certainly have issues with JACK1 but not the other way around, thanks for the clarification.

So I’ll just go ahead and install the certificate on firefox (even if marked as invalid), just weird how it started to ask me for it.

Thing is I am getting the security captcha on my post previews even without placing a link now…



Yes many people are. (CAPTCHAs)


Who just got one on this post in fact