It's Fall; Whats the status of the MIDI additions from the Summer of Code Project?


I’m prodding here to find out if there are any reported updates regarding the MIDI implementation from the Ardour-Google summer of code project? I would love to test this and report issues.

The project was successfully completed, but returning to full-time studentdom I don’t have nearly as much time to work on Ardour as during the summer (and a mountain of other neglected projects, both academic and linux audio related that desperately need some attention as well).

The current state of the midi branch in SVN is “usable”, but it is synchronized with a version of trunk that was very rickety. To be honest it is probably not worth testing right at this instant because so many known bugs have been fixed in the meantime but havn’t been merged yet.

I will get the midi branch updated with current trunk (which is much, much better) soon, and post about it here so you know.

At that point it should be usable for recording and playing back MIDI, but editing is still not there. Note however that the session format needs to change at some point in the future (unfortunately, due to limitations of the standard MIDI file format), so sessions containing MIDI will break at some point.

I am trying to be more organized and work on getting projects released and out of the way so I can spend more time on Ardour MIDI, but I need to sleep too :slight_smile:

At least know that continuing the project is very important to me, and I guarantee that it will be finished - editing and all - at some point. It will just take some time…

This will be a huge step to world domination…hehe
Changing the vst sdk liscence is the next step… …then you guys can conquer the WORLD!!!
(too much coffee today)

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