Issues with Subscriptions (Fixed)

There have been issues in recent months with people subscribing (providing a monthly payment of US$1, US$4 or US$10 to help support continued development of Ardour). The problem was discovered today - the module we use to track subscription payments assumes the use of a single PayPal account, but in order to utilize PayPal’s micropayments option, uses two different accounts with PayPal. It didn’t prevent subscriptions from working, but did not know about them. This has affected all new subscriptions since I started using the micropayments system a few months ago.

The issue is now fixed, and I’m working with everyone affected by it to get them correctly registered on

Mine looks fixed now, I thought something was funny. Thanks.

Mine is showing now :slight_smile: Thanks

Did something change in the last few months? I’ve been a subscriber for considerably longer than that, and I haven’t seen any change in the the payments I’ve made.


Yes something did but it shouldn’t have affected most people and it won’t have affected you making payments, just whether the ardour website recognized you as being a subscriber, and would have affected new subscriptions from the last few months, not ones that had been working for a while.


mine is not showing yet :frowning:

Same here, I am not recognized as a subscriber…

I’ve been a subscribber for more than 2 years. I just renewed my subscription today but for some reason it is not appearing here.

@leandromarco: send your subscription ID from paypal and the email address you use with paypal to me at, and i’ll ensure it gets “connected”. it will also help me to understand what didn’t work.