Issues with Add Track window

Hi, problem with “add track” window. I’m running Ardour in Ubuntu. Whether I start a new session or open an old one, the “Add track/bus/VCA” window" always automatically opens itself. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few seconds. Further, the “Add track/bus/VCA” window itself does not work. I can’t actually add any tracks or buses. In the “Add track/bus/VCA” window, I try selecting my settings and then click the “add” button. The button changes color but, absolutely nothing happens. I click the “cancel” button. Same thing: it changes color but absolutely nothing happens. I try x-ing out. Nothing. I try right clicking to close the window. That does nothing as well.

So I can’t add tracks or buses. The window opens automatically every time and I can’t even close it.

If anyone has any ideas what I’m missing/doing wrong, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sidenote: I can import audio files (eg. drum and bass .ogg files from LMMS). And Ardour creates tracks for each one, and I can play the tracks back.

You have’t specified the version of Ardour that you’re using, which makes it imposisble to comment further. It would also be worth mentioning where you got Ardour from.