Issues Updating on linux

I am having problems downloading the ready to run version. I cant get it to download or install. And I searched for the source code and i couldn’t get it to work. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


Ok so what happens when you try to download the file? How are you trying to install it and what do you expect to happen vs what actually happens?

And are you using a download manager (Which will not work for downloading Ardour from this website)?


I do not have a download manager which i thought was the problem. I was looking into “playonlinux” and “wine” to try and go thru those apps. I either get a text editor that pops up with the source code, and the same thing actually when i try and use the “.run” download. I was also looking to see if the ubuntu software center has an update but i don’t believe it does.


There are many different ways to get Ardour for Linux. The only one that we ( support is to download it from and the instructions for installation are at ardour - the digital audio workstation

Thanks ill be looking into that.

That did the trick! Thank you.

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