Issues Loading Tempo Maps in 5.10

I’ve been having some trouble loading an older session with Ardour 5.10. The session has a few ramped tempo changes, and when I try to load it, none of the tempo map is loaded (replaced with the default 120 BPM), and something like the following error messages are generated in the log:

TempoSection: XML Node has an illegal "end-beats-per-minute" value Tempo map: Could not set new state, restoring old one.

The tempo data is in the session file (I’ve looked in the XML). Some of the TempoSections do have end-beats-per-minute values of -1, which I know is what’s causing the error. I just don’t know what to replace -1 with to get it to load correctly. Does anyone know?


I fixed it by just editing the end-beats-per-minute values that were -1 to be the same as whatever the next tag’s beats-per-minute value was. Would still like to know if there’s a better solution, and if this is a bug I should file in Mantis.