Issue with monitor section and master bus routing

I’ve recently started enabling the monitor section more often for my projects which has been useful but I have been having an issue come up with how the master bus routes itself.

I will usually leave the master ouput going into “monitor in” and the monitor output going to my hardware. However, whenever I create a new track to record to, or close and re-open the project later, the master bus automatically reroutes its own output to both my hardware as well as monitor in, while the monitor itself is already routed to my hardware.

This causes me to hear the output doubled any time I add a new track to or re-open a project that has the monitor section enabled, requiring me to manually change the master bus output to only be going to “monitor in” once again.

This could be a simple setting that I’d overlooked. I have already unchecked “Auto-connect main output” thinking that this may have caused the issue but it didn’t change anything. Here is my current signal flow settings:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll do some more experimenting to see if my own system wide JACK configuration is causing the problem, though I feel at this point I’ve tested it enough for that not to be the case.

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