Issue with MIDI Fluidsynth Plugin Repeating Notes

(cuevasclemente) #1

A strange phenomenon is occuring that I’ve searched around for but have not quite found an answer to:

With certain soundfonts, if I host Fluidsynth and connect to the MIDI Input for Fluidsynth from something I might have already recorded or something coming in from a MIDI controller, through Ardour, I get totally normal and expected behaviour.

However, if I try to use the Fluidsynth plugin, I get this strange tremolo effect where the note seems to repeat at a frequency that is correlated with the frequency of the note I’m playing (so lower notes take longer to repeat and higher notes repeat faster). I tried turning off things like reverb and chorus and there are many soundfonts where this doesn’t happen, but I’m a bit interested as to what could be happening here as it would be nice to manage fluidsynth via the plugins instead of having to always host it on its own.