Issue with Kontakt

I’ve an issue with Kontakt 5(.6.1) in Ardour 5.5 (and with Ardour 5.4 before, but also in Harrison Mixbus 3.7 & 3.6 before) on OSX El Capitan.
The issue comes with all my kontakt librairies (Kontakt Factory Librairy &Retro Machines MKS by N.I and Sonokinetic Ostinato Strings) except with Sennheiser DrumMic’A, all the librairies are in the same folder on my hdd.
When I try to load an instrument, I can see 2 windows per sample saying
‘Error : parse error’ and ’ Error: ‘:=’ expected’.

There is no problem with the standalone application and au & vst plugins works fine in Reaper.

Any idea?

Are these Kontakt controlled windows, or Ardour controlled windows? Can you take a screenshot?

It happen in Ardour’s plugin windows

That could be a language/locale problem. Kontakt is in English while Ardour is using a French locale. I’ve seen similar issues with Kontakt on some systems.

Could you test: Open a Teminal (search spotlight) and run LANG=C open /Applications/ and see if that resolves the issue.

Yeah! Thanks x42, it works.
But if I run Ardour without the terminal, the issue 's stil here.

OK, that at least narrows it down and confirms the issue is due to locate/translations. Thanks for checking.

Thanks again for your help, the command works with Mixbus3 too eand solved another issue with BiasFx LE,
the plugin window stayed empty and black both in Ardour5 and Mixbus3.
With the command, I can run BiasFx et use it.