Issue with encoder sensitivity (Midi Control)

Hi guys,
I’ve been working on a midi binding map for the Arturia Minilab MkII. One of the main features is that the 16 encoders send relative signals. It’s working fine.
The encoders have been configured to “Relative #2” in Arturia’s Midi Control Center, and the midi map uses CC type enc-2 for these (this is the only configuration that worked for me).

However there is a little issue, when turning the encoder at the slowest velocity, the parameter doesn’t responds, it only responds when turning at the “next velocity”. And the weird thing is that most of the times it only happens for the negative offset.

In the “Relative #2” configuration, the encoders send signal 1-3 for positive offset and 125-127 for negative offset.

My idea was to create a Lua Script that intercepts the incoming midi signals and remaping/rescaling them. Whether re-scale 1-127 to 2-126 or just map 127 to 126 and 1 to 2. But I’m very lost at Lua scripting… is this possible? Or is there a better solution?

Hopefully this illustrates the problem.

Which version of Ardour are you using?

Also is there a reason why you don’t use default settings with

I’m using Ardour 6.3. I modified it because I wanted to fit better my needs. The default one uses the encoders as regular knobs, the first two knobs are unused and it relies on banks. In the one I’m writing the encoders add or subtract to the current value, so that a single encoder can be use to control several parameters, for example: when binding to parameters in selected tracks; which is another thing I wanted to be able to do, so that I can control not only gain and pan but plugins too (considering a predefined chain of plugins).
Turns out this device + ardour midi control can be very capable. By the way I’m planning to share the midi map and the minilab’s configuration if someone is interested in it. This is the only issue I have with it that kinda messes when I try to fine tune a parameter. I did this because I wanted to mix without looking too much at the screen and use physical controls and my ears. Any help would be appreciated!

I found a way to do it. For any future references it can be easily done using Qmidiroute. It can map 1-127 values to 2-126, which solves the sensitivity problem for the encoders.

Could you test a build? There was a recent change to address this issue:

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