Issue to download Ardour

I just buy Ardour with the one payement option, but when I clic to download, the Web site tell me : error 500.
Help !!

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I read somewhere in this forum that the Ardor 7.0 version should be released at the end of September 2022.

Perhaps it is possible that all preparations are now being made for this, which also affect the download of Ardor 7.0.

have a little patience.


I’m okay to be patient, but I need it for the 23… Can we have a date ? Or the Ardour 6.9 file ?

I need it for my work.

There are no preparations for a v7 release yet. So this must be a different issue.

Are you perhaps using a download accelerator?

Perhaps email to


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  1. Please note Robin’s comment.
  2. Try the download again and follow the procedure.
  3. If you are unsuccessful, please contact the website operator.

@MaximeLennoz I just tested and I can download just fine (64 bit Linux). Which version is failing for you?

I try to download the Window 64 version

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to upgrade to Ardor 6.9 click on this internet link:

to subscribe click on this internet link:

for single payment click on this internet link:

for a free/demo version click on this internet link:

All internetlinks listed above lead to the Windows version. Please provide a screenshot including a full web browser photo if the download fails.

for help with the download click on this internet link:

Good day,

Thank you for your quick response.
That surely is very aggravating.

Then we try it differently. It might help to disable anything that might interfere with a download.

I’m thinking of VPNs, virus scanners from other manufacturers, download manager software and so on.

If you use an external proxy server, change this setting in your web browser settings. Temporarily use the “System proxy settings”.

Please also read the help page: by Ardor thoroughly.
It contains all the important instructions if it is a paid version.

I succeeded !
I use my mobile phone and download with my mobile data instead of my home’s wifi.

Thanks for your advice !

Good day,

Glad the download worked now.

Then it was most likely due to the settings of the Internet router at home. Much luck.

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