Issue Opening Files Across Platforms

I’ve been having an issue when taking an Ardour project folder from Mac to Linux.

The issue: Ardour opens the project, but more than half of the samples are NOT visible in the project when opening them on Linux despite all the automation being there and every audio file being in the correct place (clean-ups and bringing media into session folder was also completed).

It seems Ardour does not even recognize that the project is not loading files, as I don’t even get the pop-up telling me it is unable to find the audio files for the missing samples (which makes sense because I know there are no missing files since the same project folder opens perfectly fine on Mac, where the project was initially started).

Despite the samples not appearing (not even in a greyed-out or “dead” form as they would when the file are missing, the automation is still there.

Any possible solutions?

Does the audio of the missing files still play?


Do they play correctly and the issue is the waveform display?
Perhaps manually remove the “peaks” folder in the session-folder. It is re-created when you re-load the session.
Ardour relies on file-timestamps to detect if peak files are up-to date, you have to preserve them when copying a session (easiest via tar, or rsync). Ardour’s session-archives uses tar for that.

Another issue that comes to mind: Your Mac filesystem may be case-insenstive, while most Linux FS are case-sensitive. But in that case you should get a missing file dialog.

Is there a relevant message in Menu > Window > Log, perhaps?

No audio plays at all. It seems like they samples never existed when they did and still do when opening the file on Mac.

I’ve tried adjusting peaks already. No luck.

And again, no missing file dialogue appears.

This is very mysterious. As far as I know, you are the first to ever report such an issue.
Can you upload/share the *.ardour session file? Perhaps there’s a clue in there.