ISO or BIN/CUE from Ardour generated master?

this is not strictly ardour - related, but I’m sure plenty people here have some experience with this:

I have a finished master CD master made with Ardour4 (linux) - a WAV audio file and TOC and CUE files with track info, CD-TEXT data, ISRC etc.

my question: what is the best way to generate ISO or BIN/CUE disc image for CD mnufacturer?

I usually work with DDP format, using ddptools, which works fine with Ardour generated CUE, but now I need to deliver a master for a manufasturer that, for some reason, is unable to handle DDP and requires ISO or BIN/CUE. Since I have little experience with these formats, I thought I ask here for some reliable and well-tested method before I spend half a day trying to find the right combo of apps and terminal lines…

I’m on debian-based linux.