Iseolator - Landfill

This is my latest Ardour made song, a rocker with a quite dystopic message :slight_smile:

As I am in a constant learning process (aren’t we all?), I am grateful for any comments.

I use Calf EQ and ZamComp on most tracks.
The reverb buses (plate, room) uses Dragonfly.

Drums: DrumGizmo with Tchakpoum kit.
Bass: Jazz Bass direct with Calf limiter
L Gtr: Gordon Smith GS1 (love it!) direct, through GxAmplifier-X: AC-30, 4x12
R Gtr, Solo Gtr: Fender Tele Deluxe through Fender mustang amp, headphones out into Ardour.
Vocals: Slapback delay by LSP



You have preserved the dynamics and for that I salute you. It is a “breathable” listening experience and this kind of material would make any wedding party a success. Well done, the jazz bass is moving the thing forward.

Thanks. I’m afraid to over compress anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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