Is Time Stretching best for syncing tracks?

I need to correct several loose timing sections in a lead guitar track by synchronizing them to the drum track. In the past, I used Audacity’s time-stretch tool, using the drum tack for reference. The process worked perfectly (without any artifact if the start and end points were on the x-axis of the waveform). But the task was very time-consuming. I don’t need to sync the entire track, just specific areas. In Ardour, is the Time-Stretch tool best for the task I describe; or is quantization better? Perhaps some other method?


I think you mean “slip editing”.
Take a look at this Mixbus tutorial, in Ardour everything works exactly the same:

Yes! That is exactly what I need. Thanks for your kind response. But I am soooo lost in Ardour (I can’t even find the Undo icon).

I import an audio track, click on “Edit” to bring up the waveform then spend ages searching through the menus, hovering, clicking and right-clicking, looking for anything that resembles what appears in the video. If I try selecting a region, the waveform disappears; and I have to double-click on “Edit” again. If I click on 1/4 or 1/8, no grid appears. I don’t find Ardour intuitive at all and am ready to throw in the towel. Can you spare a minute and share the steps you use to slip edit a section of a waveform?

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