Is this possible?

Hi All
Is it possible to save and load track settings from one session to another? I can save a template and load that for a new session but would like to save a bass track setting and reload that in another session. I noticed that the top of the mixer click on gives the option of saving a template ( I assume for just that track) but I am not sure how to load it in another session.

Jeromee - please file this as a bug.

Hi robsch
Thanks a bunch!!!

Although I get an error saying that the send is already in use. I will try deleting the sends and loading the track that way.

Delete the sends on your active channel and load the channel template and it works.

Hi jeromee,

i did not find out at first, but then nettings showed me how to do it:

  1. Save your Track Template from Session 1
  2. Load Session 2,
  3. Create a new track and choose the name of your template from the Channel Configuration dropdown menu.

thats it!