Is there someway to protect an individual track?

So every now and again, I’ll accidentally delete something or I’m move the wrong fader and it can be a real pain. Is there some way to set it so it can’t be changed? I think on the faders you can just shrink them so you can’t get at the volume but the big problem is accidentally deleting some audio or moving it a bit foreward or backward so it doesn’t line up.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure if this is what you’re after… but you can “right-click” on any region and “Lock” them. That way, they can’t be accidentally moved or edited. As far as within the mixer, I’m not sure there’s any way to lock “gain” settings.

I definitely save my sessions frequently. The problem w/ that though is I don’t necessarily notice that I’ve done something and won’t notice it until maybe after I’ve done a few more things.

Hippie–that sounds good. I didn’t notice that option though. Probably just wasn’t right clicking quite the right thing. I’m not in the studio right now but I’ll check this evening.

yep - it’s really easy too. Just save the session! Alternativelt, you can create a snapshot

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To be more specific, right-click the track, mouse-over the correct sound clip (top of the menu), and then select “lock.” Should be right under the “Spectral Anaysis” option. If you have clips that intersect, it will display two regions… so make sure you mouse-over the correct region on the right-click menu too.