Is there any way to rename ports?

I’ve found a couple topics on this but with no clear answers.

I understand Ardour doesn’t rename ports directly, but that you might be able to do it some other way. I tried using qpwgraph to rename my MIDI ports on my Unitor8 with the names of my synthesizers, but it doesn’t change in Ardour.

I’d really like to rename them because trying to remember what synth “Unitor8 MIDI 5” goes to is annoying.

The JACK (or piepewire/JACK) way of doing this is to use port meta-data, specifically “pretty-name” – see Metadata | JACK Audio Connection Kit

You can set this meta-data for input ports (data sources) on Ardour’s Recorder Page.
Ardour does currently not have a UI to set pretty-names for output ports.

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Thank you, that worked nicely. I changed my port names with jack_property in a login script and they show up with the new names in Ardour now.

I’m running into an issue I have been having before, which is affecting this ability to rename ports…

The jack pathname of the device is changing. Yesterday it was “Midi-Bridge:Emagic Unitor8 at usb-0000:00:14-0-8-4-2- full speed:”, but today it is “Midi-Bridge:Unitor8 9:”

This made my port renaming script not work, but it also helped me figure out why sometimes I load up my project and all the midi connections on the tracks are disconnected and I have to reassign them all again.

I posted about this separate issue already, I’ll update it… hopefully someone knows the cause of this and how to fix it.

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