Is there any vocal riding plugins for ardour/Linux

Just wondering if Linux has any vocal riding type plugins, I know I can do it manually but just wonder what could possibly be available as of today in 2020

I don’t know about vocal riding (in the Waves plugin sense) but Airwindows SurgeTide and PurestSquish used in tandem are quite amazing for transparent dynamic work. They are nowhere near as easy as using a vocal rider plugin (or compressor) but they might get you part of the way there so that you don’t have to do as much manually…

BTW, have you considered trying some of the Windows VSTs via Wine + LinVST?

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Running wine, I use to in the past but for my current setup I would rather use native Linux Programs, I do have windows and I use it sometimes when I need to. But I don’t like to use windows.

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I hear you. I have a Win10 partition with Pyramix installed just in case some classical label needs me to do some editing. Otherwise I’ve switched over to Manjaro + Ardour/Mixbus and all native plugins at this point.

Ya that’s cool, I do have lots of nice plugins on the windows and Mac OS side but over the years it’s been a pain to reinstall stuff or upgrading to a newer version of Mac OS caused so much issues and this and that. And I hate having to register certain plugins and activate them it’s so anoying at times.

I feel much more free using Linux. Lol cheers !!!

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