Is there a weblog for features and timelines?

I was just wondering. Is there a weblog for features and their perspective time-lines? I guess that I’m simply to excited about some the future of Ardour.
Another aspect: I’d just to thank all of you for our hard work. To often we (the users) are asking for new features and not thankful for the features that once were trivial requests… so thanks for your industrious work.
There… I said it … :wink:

as far as i know, none of the core ardour developers use or keep a blog; i certainly do not. the closest we get to anything like this is which purposely has no timelines. we have found that trying to attach timelines to feature development is rather pointless - releasing ourselves from this constraint is part of the reason ardour is full of relatively clean code design and is generally easy to add new features to.

right now, ardour 2.0 is in feature freeze as we try to eliminate bugs that stand in the way of a non-beta release. once that is over, expect progress on the items in the roadmap to happen relatively quickly. personally, i can’t wait - months and months of bug fixing gets pretty boring.