Is there a way to turn a pair of mono tracks into a stereo track?


I have multi-track session recording; some stereo instruments (keys, synths) were recorded as two mono channels/tracks. I would like to work with them as stereo tracks. Is there a way to achieve this?

I did set up a bus, into which I hard-panned left and right the two mono tracks, and it works for audio processing… but the bus does not display the waveform onscreen, so I have to keep all three (the original two tracks and the bus) on screen if I want to see the waveform while also doing plugins/automation on the stereo bus.

Is there a better way perhaps?

I did think about manually merging the two mono tracks into a stereo WAV file in an external editor, and then importing that stereo WAV back into my project… but my session consists of a number of regions, so I would like to avoid the hassle of doing it manually several times.

Thank you in advance.

Solo and export tracks :slight_smile:

… and then reimport? uhh… :slight_smile:

In a new Track, Yes.

Or route them to a stereo bus and hide the tracks.

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Already addressed in the original post:

Check out the Import function that you can find under “Session”. There you can select the two files and merge them under “Mapping”

I bet that that is what you are looking for

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