Is there a way to restore a session to its original state?

Hi everyone,

    I googled but I couldn't find anyone asking about this. I was working on a session then I decided to "save as" so I could keep the original ardour session in its original state but for some reason (probably a bug) it also changed the original  :? . Is there a way I can restore the ardour session to its original state? That would be great.

Thanks a lot



Save as creates a copy, The original session should still be there. Did you use “Switch to newly-saved session” with save-as? otherwise it may be the other way 'round.

For future reference:
In general prefer snapshots (Menu > Session > Snapshot…). Those are a good way to keep an old state in the same session-folder while keeping working on the session. It’s also easy to switch between different snapshots with a single click using the Editor sidebar (Menu > View > Show Editor Lists).

As opposed to snapshots, Save-as does a complete deep copy (all media files)

Hi Robin,

  Thank you very much for the fast reply. Yes, I did "save as" and "switch to newly-saved version" as well, but like I said, some bug happened and that also altered the original session 🙀. So yeah, I will definitely need to work this out somehow, is there another way around this? Thank you for the tip, I will definitely use snapshots from now on.

Thanks for your help, it’s very much appreciated.

Att.: Rodney