Is there a way to make unsuppressing track overlays?

I have a project containing recorded drums, separated into 16 tracks pr. song.
The song consist of a lot of takes, cut and cross faded together.
Unfortunately not all takes fit together, missing a cymbal now and then, and I am in the process of fixing this by adding separately recorded cymbal clips on top of the overhead tracks.
I experimented with simply putting the small cymbal samples on top of each track, but this suppressed the underlying audio.
Currently my thoughts are to make a separate track for the overly, and then mix them together on a third track, but this is a very tedious way of doing it since it requires a lot of bouncing.

So my question is this: Is there a way to make an overlay directly on the without suppressing the underlying audio?

My current work process is to make all changes to all tracks, then freeze them, and export the frozen tracks, and I would like an overlay method that supports this work flow if possible.

Regions can be opaque or not. They are opaque by default which means that you only hear the uppermost region when several are stacked on top of each other.

Right click on a region, find its name in the context menu, go into the next level menu, and click on “Opaque”. All selected regions will have their opaque status toggled.

Note that this is not really a recommended way of working. DAWs (and mixing consoles) traditionally provide lots of tracks for reasons that may not be obvious if you are relatively new to audio engineering. Putting everything into less tracks and using transparent regions can do what you want, but I suspect you may run into problems caused by this approach further down the road.

Thanks a lot Paul, that was exactly the solution I was looking for.
I mistook the ‘Opaque’ option for a visual option (to draw opaque or not)