Is there a way to get ZynAdd settings from the ardour session file?


I have an Ardour session created with 5.12 some time ago. There were some updates of used plugins (in this case ZynAddSubFx to Zyn-Fusion) and therefore Ardour greys out the plugins and I have to replace them with Zyn-Fusion, where I loose the created Patches.

I had a brief look into the ardour session file where the settings are stored, but I have not found something obvious. So is there a way to get the Zyn Settings/Patches out of the Ardour session file? They must be stored somewhere to be reloaded on session start. Otherwise I need to recreate them, which will take quite some time.


LV2 plugin settings are stored separately in plugins/*/state.ttl files. For the case at hand you’ll likely have to replace identifiers, too. It sounds like a recent similar issue:

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That worked. Thanks a lot Robin!

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