Is there a way to enlarge the processor box?

I have a small laptop computer screen (1366x768). The processor box above the faders is a bit too small and unwieldy, and I’d like to either enlarge it or open it in a new window. Is there a way to do this?

There’s no direct way to make the processor box bigger: it resizes to take up all the available space, so the larger the mixer window, the more space there is.

Reducing the font scaling (Edit | Preferences | Appearance | GUI and Font scaling) will shrink the size of the other controls in the mixer strip, making more space for the processor box, if you can bear having smaller fonts. Alternatively, you can hide some of the mixer strip controls (Edit | Preferences | Appearance | Mixer | Mixer Strip) if you’re not using them: maybe that helps?

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Hm, maybe that’s something I might include myself then. A button to open the processor box in a separate window, similarly to what happens for the routing grid, should be quite easy to implement. I don’t know whether it fits the design choices of the Dev team, but I think it could be useful for small-monitor setups.

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