Is there a specialist dealer in Berlin who builds a ready to use linux DAW?

I am looking for a dealer in Berlin, who builds a PC with audiointerface that runs with ardour under linux and is ready to use.

GMaq, I find your ‘honest comment’ a bit inappropriate. There’s a guy looking for a turn key ready system. You don’t know anything about the motivation. Is it lack of time to spare to fiddle around to find a rock solid setup? Is it somebody who wants some support (and pay for it)? Is it somebody who is just doing things not the way YOU do it? Comments like yours make it hard for people like Paul or Ron Stewart to be taken seriously.

Oh, and it would be nice to see a little less AV linux promotion once in a while.

Maybe YOU can start THAT company! :wink:

I can design/build the machines and you can start selling it. I’m in Liberec/Czech, which is not so far. :slight_smile:

I’m stuck in a volcanic crater in the middle of Mexico where this type of stuff is not even understood.

How can I help?


Don’t know of a company specifically in Berlin (and doubt if there is one) but this company has been selling ready-mader Linux audio workstations for a couple of years:-

The current range is based on quite small laptops though, so not sure how well that would fit in with your requirements. They also sell the software only (on a USB key) for around $100. It might be worth your while to look into that option (i.e. ask if it needs specific hardware for example).

Or try 64studio:-

They’re much closer to home (Isle of Wight) and would almost certainly build a system to your exact specifications.


Forgive the leap of logic, but surely if someone can make the mental leap to begin using a PC pre-equipped with Linux, for instance… Why does the menu look different than Windows (Mac)? Huh? whats JACK?, How do I set it?, Why is there an xrun? What is an xrun? etc etc. I think as John suggested if the OP bought a PC of their choosing asking specifically only that it could boot from USB Key then any Audio centric Distro available on a USB Key could be evaluated.

AV Linux has all the same open-source applications (and more) plus commercial stuff in demos in much newer versions…you choose the demos you may or may not want to purchase and if you like it enough you decide how much to donate…To be equitable other than the commercial demos also try any of the excellent Ubuntu based products like DreamOS, KXStudio, Ubuntu Studio etc. etc. all of which provide utilities to be put on a USB Key. Although 64Studio and MusiX should be respectfully acknowledged for their pioneering work they are starting to fall behind wrt to supporting newer Audio interfaces especially out of the box firewire support.

Here is a link with detailed instructions to put AV Linux on a USB Key:

I’m sure any of the other above mentioned Audio distros can provide you with similar info.

To be brutally honest up front if someone can’t get an ISO on to a USB Key they are not going to enjoy some of the initial complexities of learning a Linux Audio system, not even an “out of the box” one.


In deference to your post I removed my comment on Transmission. As for the rest I am merely offering an intermediate solution that the OP may not have considered since yes… I don’t know what the motivation is. I equally promoted several peoples work as a possible solution, but of course I only have authority and knowledge to speak on my own with any accuracy.

As a longtime user, former subscriber, and someone who pays reasonably for their Ardour source code as well as promotes several commercial Linux projects with NO monetary recompense I find you are equally on dubious ground for questioning my “motivation” and how seriously I take commercial Linux projects like Paul’s.

Commercial or not spending a set amount of money on specialized hardware and software and jumping in with both feet WILL be a challenge no matter who or no matter what, I simply am offering a alternate way to test the waters before such a commitment is made.

You are free to dislike me or my project of course, if I post here on questionable grounds I almost always offer a public thanks to Paul for allowing me to do so, and take care to post either in answer to AV Linux users specific queries or if AV meets the criteria of answering the posters question.

If Paul feels my posts inappropriate I will be sincerely glad to hear from him and correct as necessary.