Is there a sampler plugin that keyboard maps?

Here this lets you build sound fonts and will map whole sets of individual note samples across a keyboard with a single click. Also helps automatically loop attack-sustain samples.


LSP Multisampler is good if you’re looking to map drums.

Thanks for the pointers…
Redux is not open source…
1 sample per octave… But most of the samples I have are single notes which means I could only use 3-4 either side of it before modulation/harmonics etc becomes an issue…
I can build soundfonts ok, but the couple thousand single notes samples would take a long time to process… But I have just installed Polyphone and it looks to be a very useful bit of software. Am thinking to use samplv1 to preview my samples, then Polyphone to create soundfonts from the sample I want to use. Not a direct answer to finding a wav sampler, but it does give me a work around… Thank you…!!

Seems to be a few drum samplers in my plugin collection (starting to enjoy hydrogen) so I dont think thats a problem, drum samplers just map single notes to single keys or triggers so not the answer to my need for a full wav sampler… Having said that, I have downloaded the collection of LSP plugins and will try to spend some time with them this weekend… Thank you…!

For just a quick pre-listen of wav samples I just use any music player, of course only at the original pitch…

SFZ is a easy format. Take a look at sfizz

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Some basic SFZ tutorials can be found here:

I have no problems using soundfonts, but I have a large quantity of single note wav files that I am trying to find a sampler that will map them across my midi keyboard.
Converting these wav files into soundfonts is not the same as finding an open source sampler.
If no such sampler exists, then that is my answer and will likely lead to me avoiding single note wav samples in the future.

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