Is there a [rough] ETA for 5.13?

Not to be that guy, but I am itching to use the Faderport 16 and I know compatibility exists with MixBus so I am assuming the next update to Ardour will support it as well.
Do we have any rough ETA on 5.13 @x42 or @paul? I know you guys are busy and I know 6.0 is a major overhaul of the code but I’m just trying to plan ahead and see if I should just spend the money on MixBus and hope that all my projects transfer over without a problem or if I should bide my time for the next Ardour update.

There won’t be a 5.13. It is too late for that already. There have been too many incompatible changes since 5.12. – The next version will be 6.0 (and there is no ETA).

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Right on, thanks for the reply and good luck with all that. Do you know if there are any issues to watch out for when opening an Ardour project in MixBus? Will automation and fader settings transfer over just fine? I don’t use any plugins really so I am not worried about that.


Yes, the next update will support the FaderPort 16.

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The panner differs and port-connections are different. By default Mixbus sends tracks mixbusses or master-bus, while in ardour there are direct connections.

Plugins are less of an issue usually and it’s generally possible to move back and forth with a bit of manual connection cleanup.

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Alright, gotcha. Thanks Robin! :slight_smile: