Is the Steinberg UR12 compatible?

Hi I’m a newbie to Ardour and Linux Mint and I wanted to buy a good, affordable Interface. I was Looking at the Steinberg UR12 and was wondering if anyone has used this with Linux and Ardour and is it compatible?

Steinberg has a new Rupert Neve audio interface that is usb2.0 class compliant … ur-rt2 and ur-rt4 ? What ya think , I’m in a need for a new interface ?

It’s class compliant so it should work. I had a UR44 that worked under Debian in CC mode. You could also look at the Behringer Uphoria UMC stuff. More bang for the buck and they’re getting good reviews.

Suggestion - perhaps there should be a sub-forum for people to ask about audio interfaces (or just to talk about which ones they are going to buy)? There are a huge number of threads and almost another one started daily from what I can tell, about whether this or that interface is compatible etc (to which the answer, on linux at least, is almost always the same, e.g. a qualified ‘maybe’ depending upon your requirements, linux distro, kernel version, etc etc)

@mike, not a bad idea. Although I think not starting another sub-forum is probably wiser. has a lively “Computer Related Hardware” topic, and that site is more suitable than for GNU/Linux specific hardware questions. Also this Ardour/Drupal forum leaves a lot to be desired (notifications, anyone?)

As for the UR12, I don’t know.

The distro has nothing to do with this, also Ardour does not care: If the device is supported by Linux (the kernel), Ardour will work with it.
The canonical resource is and there’s
Another hint: if a USB-soundcard works without installing any driver on OSX or works on iOS (which doesn’t allow to install drivers), it’s “class compliant” and will also work on Linux.

I have an old MI4 Steinberg USB ( interface and it works well in Linux. Alsa mixer has no any controlls on it, but the Cadence-programm sees every IN/OUT(s), so I can choose a sample rate, buffer size and use it through Jack in Ardour.

Ok thanks guys for your quick replys. I decided to go with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen and it works well.